Release 2015

Release 2015

November 2014

After a 6 month hiatus I am back writing a new album.

April 2014

April. 25House of Blues Sunset in Los Angeles, has been rescheduled for Thursday, June 26 due to ticketing and my relocation to San Francisco. When I receive the tickets, they will be for sale online.

April. 14 – Tomorrow I leave Miami, and fly to San Francisco: MY NEW HOME! Busy first week. Shows in the bay area of California will be booked and announced once I am settled. Take care to all!

April. 14 – My website has been approved and selected to house ad space from UK firm, Media Discovery which will be paying me a yearly fee to do so. Pretty pleased. Advertisement will be up in the coming week or so.

April. 14“Uncovering Demons” is now live on I Love Indie, an independent version of Pandora Radio whom selected me to be featured on their website. You can stream or buy the song here @ Stream or Purchase “A Delicate Balance” on I Love Indie Radio

April. 6“This, American Life”, is complete and has been posted @

April. 2 – Was approached by Media Discovery based in the United Kingdom about paying me for advertising space on my website per year, based on hits/popularity. More than proud of this opportunity, since I built this website myself. Details to come soon!

March 2014

Mar. 31 – 5 of the 9 songs off of the new upcoming full length record, “Finding Home” are done. More than half way complete and way ahead of schedule!

Mar. 31“Predicate”, new song off the next full length record, “Finding Home” is complete and has been posted @

Mar. 21It’s Official! I am moving April 15th, 2014 to San Francisco. Ticket booked today. I don’t talk, I act. Finally, I am coming home!

Mar. 21Nine song full length album track listing for “Finding Home”, is complete. Posted here

Mar. 19“Cast Away” lyrics posted @ here

Mar. 17“Cast Away” off the next full length record, took me 14 minutes today from start to finish.

Mar. 17The wings are about to flap again. Let’s see who figures this clue out.

Mar. 17 – There will be some new shows in the works in San Francisco and the surrounding bay area for April/May. Soon to be announced!

Mar. 15 – The new album “Finding Home” is kicking my ass. It’s lyrically the most transparent I have ever been in a song. Cannot wait to record these new songs.

Mar. 14 – 8 new songs are complete, new full length album is almost done. Way ahead of schedule. Click here for track listing/new lyrics posted

Mar. 8 – New songs in progress, “Ammunition”, and “Return to Sender”. There are six new songs towards the new full length record, “Finding Home”

February 2014

Feb. 26 – Been hard at work on three new songs for my next nine song full length record, “Finding Home” due out in early 2015.
The new song, “Oversight” is complete, and lyrically has been posted @

Feb. 13 – Ticketing information and ordering will be online in the next few weeks for Pre-Sale. $10 in advance, $12 at the door. 21+. See you soon Los Angeles!

Feb. 13 – New headlining show announced at the legendary House of Blues on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood/Los Angeles, California has been confirmed for Thursday, May 15th

Feb. 5 – A special one off showcase in Hollywood/Los Angeles on the Sunset Strip to be announced soon! This one is a long time coming!

Feb. 4 – New tour dates announced in Salford, England @ King’s Arms on Saturday, June 14th. Also, date to be announced in Perth, Scotland second week of June on the UK Summer tour. Courtesy of Invincible Bookings(UK)

Feb. 1 – New French Interview/Album review by Blog Musicalisation for the album
“A Delicate Balance” is now live to read in both French/English @ Interview on French Blog Musicalisation from Paris, France

January 2014

Returned to Miami, FL. to spend some time with my Mother. Regrouping for a special show in Los Angeles in late April, and than heading to Europe for a extensive tour of A Delicate Balance in May of 2014 while concurrently working on new songs for a new full length album, entitled “Finding Home”.

Jan. 16 – Featured on AvenueLive website based in SF, California

Jan. 8 – New show announced at Tjili Pop in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 28th, 2014 courtesy of Tempel Press/Booking.

Jan. 7 – Very pleased to announce that the highly talented Singer/Songwriter, Emily Jane White will be joining me on January 16th at Hotel Utah in San Francisco. It’s an honor to share the stage with Emily.

Jan. 3 – Reviews/Features/Interviews/A Delicate Balance/
Emme by Rock(IT), Evoked Response(US), Kaput Brain Zine(FR), Real Sounds OK(UK), Literati Records(US), Et Ca Critique(FR), Indie Music Bomb(US), Musicalisation(FR).

Dec. 2013

Dec. 30 – Denmark press/radio is now being handled by Therese Tempel of Tempel Press. For all inquiries

Dec. 27 – New album review from Denver based Record Label, Literati Records @ Literati Records (Denver, Colorado, USA) Album Review

Dec. 22 – New album review from French music blog, Kaput Brain Webzine @ Kaput Brain Webzine (FR) Review

Dec. 21Hotel Utah Ticket Link

Dec. 21 – New show confirmed for June 3rd, 2014 in Bath, England at The Bell Inn courtesy of Invincible Bookings(UK).

Dec. 20 – New show announced January 16 at Hotel Utah in San Francisco, California.
(Support to be announced).

Dec. 16 – New tour dates to be announced on the West Coast, USA/BC, Canada for February/March. click here for tour schedule

Dec. 16A Delicate Balance will be released in March, 2014 on 7″ vinyl by Record Label, Artificial Air for the USA.

Dec. 13A Delicate Balance is available to order physically on CD with shipping throughout the USA. The CD is $6.75 which includes all Shipping/Handling + Album download code:
*Ships within two business days from purchase*
Available directly @

Dec. 8 – New show confirmation on June 8th, 2014 at Macsorleys Music Bar in Glasgow, Scotland courtesy of Invincible Bookings

Dec. 2 – New UK show confirmation: June 9th, 2014 @ Bannermans Bar in Edinburgh, Scotland. Courtesy of Invincible Bookings

Nov. 2013

Nov. 28UK/EU touring will be consolidated and moved to June/July to coincide with the alignment of two new booking firms in both the UK, and Spain. Allowing them proper time to book appropriate tour dates to the European show calendar. I will be touring the United States in lieu of Europe, to promote the new album here at home. The USA tour will be from Jan – May, and go from Charleston, SC to Portland, Oregon. Dates to be announced in December. Thank you for your understanding!

Nov. 24 – New show confirmed on June 4 @ White Lion in London, England. Courtesy of Invincible Bookings

Nov. 22 – “A Delicate Balance” – Feature article on French Blog, Et Ca Critique!:
Read below:
Et Ca Critique! (FR) feature

Nov. 19 – New show confirmed for June 2nd, 2014 @ Cavendish Arms in London, England. Courtesy of Invincible Bookings. The first show of the summer UK/EU tour has been added to the tour schedule.

Nov. 12Invincible Bookings based in Birmingham, England, will now be handling all of my UK tour bookings effective Nov. 12, 2013.
You can follow Invincible Bookings on Twitter @ @invincbookings

Nov. 11A Delicate Balance is now available to order on CD in the USA for $6.75 which includes all shipping & handling. All physical orders include a free full album download code on BandCamp To order the new album in the USA

Nov. 7Look what arrived today in the mail!
100 4-panel full color eco-pack first pressing

Nov. 6 – Get to know Peter Kasen, interview/Q&A on Real Sounds OK (UK)
Real Sounds OK Interview

Nov. 4100 4 panel eco-pack CD for A Delicate Balance to arrive on Thursday, November 7th. Physical shipping begins on Monday, November 11th for the United States @

Oct. 2013

Oct. 30“Uncovering Demons” has been featured on the weekly playlist for the blog A Music Blog, Yea? based in Toronto, Canada. You can hear that playlist here A Music Blog, Yea? Weekly Playlist

Oct. 30A Delicate Balance Review/Feature Article
Emme By Rock (Genova, Italy)

Oct. 26“A Delicate Balance” is now available for digital download on Google Play

Oct. 26 – The first “A Delicate Balance” album reviews are starting to come in, and they are positive! Read what Evoked Response in N. California had to say about the song, Memory Loss (lifted) here

Oct. 23Uncovering Demons is now on YouTube
Stream “Uncovering Demons” on YouTube

Oct. 23 – Italy PR for A Delicate Balance will now be handled by Marco @ who also writes his own blog called Emme by Rock and is based in Genova, Italy @

Oct. 21A Delicate Balance is now available to download on iTunes.

Oct. 21A Delicate Balance is now available to download on Amazon MP3.

Oct. 21A Delicate Balance Release Schedule:
Physical USA CD Pre-Ordering will begin on Monday, Nov. 4th.
Shipping will begin on Monday, Nov. 11th

Oct. 18 – Today was spent at Ocean Industries studios in Charleston, S.C. with Engineer/Producer Eric Rickert (Shinedown, The Fire Apes, Avengers Soundtrack), doing all guitar/vocal tracking, as well as first mixes for the new album, “A Delicate Balance”. On Sunday final mixing, and mastering will be completed and the album will be ready for your ears next week.

Oct. 9 – New album recording update! Studio time has been moved and studio has changed, as I have selected a studio more closely geared toward my needs. October 18th, Ocean Industries, in Charleston, S.C owned in part by the band Shinedown. The Engineer/Co-Producer will be Eric Rickert. One day, one session, eight hours of guitar tracking, vocal tracking than overnight mixing. Mastering will be sent off to Charlotte, N.C. the following day!

Oct. 9Black Ink is now being offered as a free download with the early release of the compilation by The Indie Cassette Player based in Salford, England. The link above will take you directly to the comp.

Oct. 7 – USA physical album pre-order will begin in the last week of October and end at the start of the Tour in Europe in mid November. It will last three weeks in total. Physical shipping of CD’s will begin soon there after.

EU physical album pre-order will begin in December, with a January CD release by Reve Cache for the countries of France|Belgium|Switzerland.

Sep. 2013

Sep. 29Reve Cache FR|BE Record Label has announced plans to physically release, “A Delicate Balance” on CD in 2014 for the territories of France + Belgium

Sep. 26“Black Ink” to be included on The Indie Cassette Player (Salford, England) Volume 3, Compilation on October 27

"Black Ink" to be included on The Indie Cassette Player (Salford, England) Volume 3 Compilation.

Sep.A Delicate Balance
New Album|Mini EP|11.2013.|

Uncovering Demons.
Memory Loss (lifted).
Black Ink. (from the album, “Veer”)

Missive – (Nov US|) 2013
Formats|CD, MP3 Download, Stream|
100/CD Wallet – (first pressing)

Reve Cache – (April France|Belgium|Switzerland) 2014
Formats|CD, MP3 Download, Stream|
100/CD – (first pressing)

New Album|November 2013

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