1. A Year Worth Forgetting EP. 2005
  2. Antique Scars EP. 2006
  3. Dust, Doors, and Debt LP. 2008
  4. Veer EP. 2009/2010
  5. A Delicate Balance EP. 2013
  6. Co-Pilot SINGLE. 2015
  7. Longitude/Latitude EP. 2017

Peter Kasen, born in Miami, FL: Is a US Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Composer,(2005-2010/2011-present). He began his solo music career in 2005 in Berkeley, California under the moniker of “Propel“. Not wanting to be lumped in as just another man with a guitar, Peter chose this name for several reasons and remained using this name publicly until 2008. Having studied music theory and arranging at Berklee College of Music in Boston, the study and use of complex, odd time arrangements became apparent during his formidable years. Dynamic shifts and changes in a single piece of music, and the time signatures that accompanied those shifts, became a minor obsession, to later take form in Peter’s songwriting in use currently. A style was formed and born, one that leads more to a band or group of musicians playing, as opposed to just a single acoustic guitar speaking. It is a delivery that is far from standard and remains a niche style of music within a greater independent alternative larger genre.

Peter has released five albums, plus the single, “Co-Pilot”, and is currently living in between Los Angeles & London, England while working on his 6th studio record, “Longitude/Latitude” which is due out in the summer of 2017. Summer touring will begin in June – September in California. Europe/UK touring will begin in late September to support Longitude/Latitude on both sides of the pond.

Peter has toured the west coast of the USA 10 times, the Midwest, Southwest, and Northwest. He has also toured Europe on four separate tours across ten countries. He is the epitome of a DIY artist, he has always booked tours on his own both in the states, and internationally. You can hear his music on every major platform that music is purchased, streamed or downloaded. You can buy his physical records across independent record stores from Seattle to LA. You can follow his movements on Twitter, and the rest you can find on this website!