Lyrics/’Trust Kills ep’ 2020

‘Second Skin’


“The past is a skeleton,

carved in clay, in time constructed,

Only to fall away.

I buried old scars, over these miles,

that your tracks had laid.

Spoke in silence,

While I watched the world decay”.

Solvent Love’

(V2/1/2 CH 2)

“Pebbles sit on an empty beach,

Where the sand holds secrets,

we could no longer keep.

All these hearts we complete,

Will one day fail to beat,

Amidst, this solvent love, I stood in disbelief.

I stood in disbelief”.

‘The Hurt and The Harm’

(CH A/B + Post-Chorus)

“For the hurt and the harm,

Sees the past, as a way,

To dismiss all that we’ve done.

Sometimes the walls we build to heal,

Are to high to leap from

The hurt and the harm,

Seems to carry us along”.

‘From Cradle to Grave’


“Holding still, in a point of motion.

A belief, of the lie that is no longer in your eye.

And that your murmurs to the stars,

Will never erase these scars

You hold so tight”,

‘Heal’ (instrumental)