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Tied Knots – Released 6.23.2021 – Press/Radio

‘Tied Knots’ on Listen Local Radio (SD/Big Bear, CA.) 

(August 2021 Show/29:05 start time)

ElectroWow – Feature/Reviews of ‘Tied Knots’ (6.26.2021)

About Insider – Review of ‘Tied Knots’ (6.27.2021)

Nobbys – Review of ‘Tied Knots’ (7.2.2021)

Better Auds (Storytellers Unplugged) – Review of ‘Tied Knots’ (7.5.2021)

Second Skin – Released 2.25.2021 – Press/Radio:

IsStories-  Features ‘Second Skin’ on the front page: (4.21.2021)

“The song is an instrumental wonder intermingled with thought-provoking lyrical illustrations in perfect harmony”

Broken 8 Records (Sydney, Australia) – ‘Second Skin’ Feature Review (4.21.2021)

“From the blissful guitar riffs to the soothing, overarching sound that echoes through the shifting chord structures, everything about ‘Second’ skin resounds with an uplifting, positive resonance, making it one of the most moving and enchanting independent releases you’ll hear in this or any other year.”

Curious For Music (UK) – ‘Second Skin’ Single Review (4.19.2021)”

“There is a sense of brooding longing for some clarity on life’s mysteries, and there’s talk of watching the world decay. This is an enigmatic track which will resonate with so many at the same time, for it feels heartfelt and sincere” Curious For Music (UK – 4.19.2021)”

WokeChimp – ‘Second Skin’ Featured Single + Review (4.16.2021)”

“Delivering just the right amount of dynamic diversity to ensure that this single is engaging from start to finish. By the time ‘Second Skin’ draws to a close, you’ll find yourself lost in the eclectic flow and in need of hitting that repeat button for another listen”

Your Digital Wall (Australia) – ‘Second Skin’ Feature + Review

“His vocal clarity coupled with the masterstroke of his immersive words makes the whole soundscape easily memorable, thoughtfully written and creatively laced with intriguing instrumental sounds, the song is a brilliant release from his end”

The Magazine Plus – ‘Second Skin’ Review 

“His style was imbibed and formulated through the years of honing the guitar, and it’s components of time arrangements and eminent shifts. As a result, he found his identity and individualism in harboring an eccentric niche that emits an independent alternative prominence”

Ratings Game Music (Washington, D.C.)- (5 Star Review).

“Peter Kasen is a singer/songwriter that is brilliant at making songs that require you to think outside of the box”

Daily Music Roll – ‘Second Skin’ Feature + Review

“The gifted Peter Kasen has come up with magnificent acoustic sounds and marvelous melodic progression in the deftly composed and exquisite track ‘Second Skin’”

Jukebox Mind (Burbank, CA) – ‘Second Skin’ Review

The single is distinct and evokes a riveting feeling. Peter Kasen’s voice takes us on a euphoric journey. The songwriting is remarkable and the melodic structure is pretty amazing too”

News Break (Taiwan, China) – ‘Second Skin’ Feature Magazine/Web

“Burying old scars to go ahead in life is something that most people do, but there are very few who hold the courage to express emotion musically. Peter Kasen is one of those very rare talents who hold the power and the skill to confront his feelings”


“Great Musicianship!”

-Burning Flame

“Absolutely superb!”

– Bitchute Music (UK)

“Super impressive. The experience shows in your work. Digging your sound, excited to hear more”

– Daily Vibes Music (NYC, USA)


‘Second Skin’ as heard on 91X FM (Loudspeaker 4.11.2021) – San Diego, California

Country Barnyard Radio – (New Hampshire + New England, USA)

An Ocean Without A Shore – (Exit Wounds, EP) – Released 1.1.2019

Exceedingly interesting as it goes, feeling a bit Nick Drake in places instrumentation wise, but he does have a pretty unique voice. Something of Elliot Smith n’all, quite compelling actually”. – The List (UK)

An Ocean Without A Shore‘ on

WMPG 90.9FM/University of Southern Maine/(March 1, 2019, 11p-1am):

LifeSpanon Find A Song Blog (Germany)/(Feb. 14, 2019):

‘LifeSpan’ on FindASongBlog

An Ocean Without A Shore‘/Daily Dose Feature:

Jammerzine (Chicago)/(Feb. 6, 2019):

Jammerzine: Daily Dose:

Featured Interview ‘Exit Wounds’ EP/MySoundPoster (NYC)/(Jan 10. 2019): 

MySoundPoster Blog


Co-Pilot Single: (2016 Press):

No Depression Interview (8/26/2016)

No Depression Feature/Review of Co-Pilot (8/12/2016)

Paste Magazine Feature/Review of Co-Pilot (8/5/2016)

KPSU 98.1 FM Portland State University Radio/Interview (8/11/2016)

Selected Press:

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(Single Reviews/Features/Interviews)

Indie Apex (Houston, Texas)/Feature & Interview:

Feature article on Indie Apex (Belgium)/Interview: Feature/Interview

Find a song blog: (Germany)/Discovery of the Day:

Find a song blog: (Germany)/Interview:

A Delicate Balance

Album Reviews/Features/Interviews

France|Italy press features

Emme by Rock – Italy Feature Article (Italy)

The Naked Society – France Feature article (France)

Paper – France Feature article (France)

Musical Scene – France Feature article (Paris, France)

Toute Ouie – France Feature article (Lyon, France)

Musicalisation – France Musicalisation (Paris, France) Review/Interview

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Kaput Brain Zine – France Kaput Brain Webzine (FR) Review

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Real Sounds OK – UK Real Sounds OK (UK) – Interview

A Music Blog Yea? – Canada
“Uncovering Demons” – Weekly Playlist – A Music Blog, Yea? (CAN)

Evoked Response (USA) – Track review – Memory Loss.“Dynamic range of string, voice, & words exiting the heavy fog of life. Seek precious moments of clarity.”

There are six reviews from France (March 2013-May 2013) from the digital release, (“To the Grave” A collection of songs 2005-2010):
You can read those on the links posted above:

“Kasen can put together a fine folk-song that one can easily imagine echoing out over the heads of an attentive folk-festival crowd.”
God is in the TV Zine (UK)

PMK has an intense voice that will have you weeping by the end of the three song E.P. “Antique Scars”. A mix between Andrew Lipke and Jose Gonzales, PMK has a voice that will have you wondering why you haven’t stumbled upon him before. PMK is an artist with intense talent who should not be left out of the picture. His debut album “Dust, Doors, and Debt” will be released in the UK in April 08 and I beg you ladies and gentlemen, give this man the credit he deserves and take a listen.
Susan Ford Music Reviews, Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)

“Track three “Collapse and Fade” is the highlight of the disc and seems particularly suited to appeal to fans of The Shins and Death Cab for Cutie. Overall, this short disc is intriguing enough to make you wonder what Kasen could do given the opportunity and backing to record a full length disc. Definitely worth picking up.”
Rock Star Gallery, Orange County, CA. (USA)

“Pennies in the Pocket softly strums its way into a tender ballad that runs perfectly along the grain of Kasen’s sustained and drawn out vocal lines. It is a subdued, warm sound he makes and reminds me of Eddie Vedder’s progressive-folk efforts with a dash of Jose Gonzales.”
MadDog Magazine (UK)

“It’s a masterful piece of work.”
Fragile Famile Records (US)

“His beautiful acoustic harmonies will definately leave you wondering why you hadnt discovered him before.”
Mad Dog Magazine (UK)

“Peter Matthew Kasen moves on that entirely in the minimalistic tradition of American Singer/Songwriter such as Dylan or Guthrie, but also pertinent to Drake or José Gonazlez.”
Blueprint-Fanzine (GERMANY)

“Friendly Foe” feels very bluesy, but it’s almost a dark midnight blue, that allows you to sense the agnst caused by those that are closest to you, an instrumental piece full of feeling.”
Neil Fatea Magazine (UK)

“This is a very relaxing yet charging CD and I see tons of potential, from sold out venues and top college stations blaring Kasen’s intense tunes.”
The Reviewer Magazine (US)

“Peter is a musician of the coast of California that devises a dense and intimate rock in the linea of authors of renown as Nick Drake.”
Popchild Records & Magazine (SPAIN)

“It’s like Evan Dando and modest mouse on Quaaludes.”
The Reviewer Magazine(US)

“Passionate and emotional, emo is not the word, It’s raw. It’s acoustic grunge. It’s San Francisco.”
Now on (US)

“En écoutant cette dernière galette, on est d’emblée confronté à un art minimaliste pourtant assez complexe, dominé essentiellement par la dualité entre le chanteur et une guitare folk décomplexée et sombre. En cherchant les principales références musicales, on est tenté d’insérer l’art Kasen dans la lignée directe des auteurs/compositeurs phares de ce registre musical comme Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Woody Guthrie, John Martyn ou José Gonzalez. Mais avouons aussi que ce style alternatif évaporant une folk à la fois dense et intimiste reste unique en son genre”.